Seeking #CTEMonthMN Stories

 Today marks the first day of "Career and Technical Education Month" across the country and in Minnesota we want you to share what makes CTE great personally to you or how you see how our Perkins federal funds impacting student success on your campuses or in your schools.


View or download Governor Dayton's "CTE Month" Proclamation form our website:


As this month always aligns with the MN Legislative session, I know our state college and university institutions are already doing quite a bit on social media to talk about their programs and students—many of them from our CTE academic programs. You don't have to have a Twitter account to follow their tweets on the #54campuses54facts. See it here:


For those of you from secondary, @CTEDuluth does an excellent job of keeping their community aware of CTE activities and events by posting on social media. 


How you can help

  • If you're on social media already, please tweet at us @MinnStateCTE and use this hashtag #CTEMonthMN so we can easily find your story or send me a link to what you're doing in your consortium and I'll post it!
  • If you feel comfortable sharing, we'd like a short statement from you (see attached flyer) by submitting it online using our easy online form. You can share one sentence or 50 sentences! Whichever makes you feel more comfortable. Tell US Your Story online form:
  • Please forward the "Tell Us Your Story" link to your CTE colleagues, students, or parent. We'd love to hear what they have to say, even if it's one sentence.

CTE Month Resources if you need them

Feel free to use any of the resources we're curated to help you celebrate CTE Month in big and small ways. It's on our page at

Thanks for all you doe for CTE!

Yingfah Thao, M.S.

Communications and Web Manager for Career and Technical Education 
Academic and Student Affairs

Minnesota State

(651) 201-1681

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