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CTE Full Levy Manual Updated March 2017.pdf

CTE Levy Reporting Anticipated Expenses Spring 2017.pdf


CTE Levy Funding 101 Oct 14.ppt shared at the Fall 2014 MACTA conference.

CTE Levy Examples

Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.4531, was modified in the 2013 Legislature, and directs the Department of Education to annually recalculate the authority of a school district to levy for costs associated with its CTE programs. Districts must submit annual budgets for their CTE programs to qualify for this permissive levy. Note: the new funding will take effect in the FY15 school year — please budget accordingly.

For assistance with detailed questions about the CTE Levy Program System, contact Joel Larsen (, 651-582-8395.


What if I do not have the CTE program approved at this time?

Districts should be able to pick 999999 – other with MDE approval, then enter in their information until they get an approved program.  We don’t ask for the extensive detail for the previous school year until the fall, by then they should have an approved program for sure and a CTE teacher.