The MACTA Mission 

Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Administrators (MACTA) provides leadership that promotes a world-class career and technical education system for Minnesota.

Goals and Action Items:

For the next five years (2012-2016), Minnesota Association for Career and Technical Administrators will:

  1. Promote Career and Technical Education as a student-centered, vital component of P-16 education in Minnesota.  (Communications Committee)
  2. Advocate with policy makers, administrators, parents, students, instructors, businesses and other partners to secure the resources to build a world-class Career and Technical Education system.  (Legislative Committee)
  3. Support the integration of career development; technology; academic, technical, leadership and workplace skills in Career and Technical Education programs. (Professional Development Committee)
  4. Collaborate with business partners to build a quality workforce by promoting accountability, certifications, and national/industry/educational standards. (Membership Committee)
  5. Facilitate leadership, networking, communication and collaboration through quality professional development opportunities for all Career and Technical Education stakeholders. (Professional Development Committee)